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April 18, 2008

Site Update

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The site has really changed a lot since my last update. I’ve been kind of busy making changes and neglected to post them on here.

One of the things I have added on the forum is a section where I post the site changes I have made (or at least the major ones). I talked about a member map earlier, and have finally added one to the site in the forum area. I have also added Homeland Security Threat Level Information to the portal page for the forum.

Another one of the big changes I have made is the addition of Member Awards for the site. I currently have a few different awards offered, and am thinking about adding more.

The forum section has changed a lot. There have been a few major changes and several minor ones. One of the major changes is that I have split the portal page and information on there into 3 pages (the map and Affiliates getting their own respective pages). Another simi-major addition (though not really used yet) is the Wiki discussion area. Most of the minor changes are graphical including the addition of forum graphics and new rank images.

Among the major additions I made is the addition of the Military Power MilSearch search engine. This search engine searches many military related sites and, therefore, is best used when searching for military information.

Major Promotions since last entry:
count1man from Board Moderator to Board Admin
Forestry_manDCNR07 from Board Admin to Site Admin

Members since last blog entry: Maximus the Destroyer, trigger, Tim B, george babony, Taylor, Ghost Rider, Hobilar, mrsiscoe, cluddy


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