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August 31, 2007

New Military Power Toolbar

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Military Power now has a toolbar for your browser. It has items such as links to new posts, links to new Blog entries, links to new PMs, as well as easy access to important pages on Military Power. There is also a Chat area where people with the toolbar can chat with each other. There is weather and e-mail notification as well as a search feature where you can search the forum or search engine. Check it out…

you can download it at

There are some problems with the toolbar which we are aware of. We are currently working with Conduit (the toolbar provider) as they are making a new version of the toolbar which should fix the RSS feeds problems. For now the New Posts, MP Blog, and PM Box all work sporadically, please bear with us on that.


August 30, 2007

2 awesome reviews and more

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Allright everybody!  Today we received two awesome reviews at, both from our members.

Hook wrote:    GadZooks! – I found a New Love here at Military Power!
I haven’t been there for awhile – Now it is really great!
So much information and the HISTORY – Ooohlala!
This is one of my (way too many) passions!

Zig also gave us an excellent review stating:     Great Site! really I mean it! This is a site all should sign-up for. Very cool…I think I might add a link to your site on mine.
Awsome Great Work

Forestry_manDCNR07 was given a e-mail address today as well.  It is

New members since the last Blog entry:  Zig

August 21, 2007


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Well, there has been a lot of changes since my last update.  We have completely moved off of and into  Also, the forum is now moved from invisionplus hosting to freeforums hosting.  This move has caused some problems, but I think most of them are now fixed.

Our first problem came about a week after the move.  While in the process of swithching servers one of the hard drives crashed.  A freak accident, but it did wipe out a lot of work and cause some people to be confused about the forums, as I had just told everyone that the old forums were going away and the new forum was where to go.  Most of the rest of the problems stemmed from the differences between invisionplus and freeforums.  The simple breakdown of this is that invisionplus lets you customize virtually everything, and freeforums is very limited in the customization you can do, but has MUCH better service and a lot of neat additions to make the site better and more functional.

We have also received our first two international members ever!

Also, over the last couple of days I have added a few new videos including videos of the MiG-29OVT at the Zhukovsky Airshow, a Hellfire Missile Demonstration, and a 1000lb JDAM Demonstration.  I hope you enjoy.

We have a whole slew of new members (mainly because everyone is new since this is a brand new Forum since our last update).  Here they are:

Staff (starting from Site owner down to Moderator):  KnightTemplar, Nullified Knight, Forestry_manDCNR07, count1man,  and Shadow

Members (by join date):  CrazyCatman, Hook, JennaerykJmessy9, Chris.Globe, Deimenried, tmdevildogs, Goliath, and babygris

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